Tree Removal: What You Need to Know

Dec 3, 2020

So many people have been asking about when to use professional tree removal versus DIY removal. So we decided to do a series of posts about it. Here’s Part 1, covering when you should remove a tree from your yard and the kind of situations that call for professional tree removal.

Why Timing Matters with Dead Trees

Trees that are dead or past the point of no return should be cut down as soon as possible. 

As hard as it may be to let go of a tree, it simply isn’t safe to keep one that’s dead on your property. That’s particularly true if it’s near a road, or any kind of structure — your home or a powerline, for example. 

Here’s the thing about dead trees — they’re a safety hazard, even if they don’t look like they’re about to fall. A sudden storm can knock branches or even an entire tree over, creating a bad situation for buildings, cars, and potentially causing injury to people. Even without storm-level winds, a dead tree can come down with little to no warning. 

Dead trees are a big liability. That’s why the safest thing to do is look for professional tree removal as soon as you know your tree is not going to survive. 

Signs That Your Tree is Dead and Needs Professional Tree Removal

  • Dead branches, especially near the top of the tree
  • Fungus at the base of the tree
  • Deep cracks in the trunk
  • No green tissue under the bark.
  • Rotting roots or trunk.
  • Loss of many leaves out of season

Keep in mind that just because a tree has one or some of these signs, that’s not a for-sure indication that the tree is dead. A tree might be dormant, sick, or in the early stages of dying but still salvageable. Also, be aware that different varieties of trees will die differently, so you should be on the lookout for all of the signs.

If you suspect a tree is dead, it’s important that you have a certified arborist come and take a look. They’ll be able to tell you if it’s worth trying to save. And if it isn’t, they can provide professional tree removal.

Uprooted Trees Should Be Removed Right Away

If a storm has uprooted your tree, there’s a possibility it can be saved if it’s on the smaller end. Usually, though, uprooted trees are not salvageable. About 95% of the time that means calling in the best professional tree removal service you can find.

It’s pretty simple: Uprooted trees should be removed as soon as possible, especially if you’re expecting more storms or just moderate to high-speed winds.

So if you see roots or serious storm damage, get in touch with a certified arborist before you make a decision. I respect the DIY mentality, but big trees fall in ways that are difficult to predict beforehand.

Winter is the Best Time of Year to Cut Down a Tree That’s Still Living

If a tree is dead it should be removed as soon as possible. But if you have some leeway — say, for example, you’re removing one that’s still living for landscaping purposes — the best time of year to cut down a tree is in the late winter, when the tree is dormant. It won’t have foliage, and will have less weight overall, making it easier to work with. 

Make Sure You’re Following the Law

It’s important to keep in mind there might be laws or ordinances in your area that require you to get a permit before removing a tree, or have a local official perform the removal. Check local laws before getting started.

Hire a Certified Arborist

I’ve talked before about the benefits of hiring an arborist for professional tree removal rather than going with a DIY approach. Essentially it comes down to the equipment, experience, and time. Going with a professional is safer and faster.

Here’s a test: Can you wrap your hands around the tree to where your fingers touch?

If not, you need professional tree removal in Fort Worth, with a group of guys who can get to your property fast.

Click here to find an ISA-certified arborist in your area. Arbor Leaf Tree Care operates in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and can take care of any tree removal you need.

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